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Software engineering

QClick is your perfect partner for developing individual software products to fit your personal needs.

To achieve this goal we offer support for:

  • developing a streamlined project plan
  • researching your individual requirements
  • implementing software
  • maintenance
  • support
Our team has collected in depth experience in several environments and projects
Among these are
  • Planning and setting up Document Management Systems that fullfill your needs
  • Designing and implementing a perfect backup plan for seuring your valuable data
  • Developing Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP device drivers.
    e.g. Display drivers for Multiheaddisplays supporting OpenGL in hardware
  • Developing a Bluetooth based headset for a car handsfree kit
  • Developing a videotextdecoder from a DVB stream and converting to html by building a COM Client Server architecture
  • Integrating Microsoft Office applications into a web based IT Controlling software
  • Planning and developing a multimedia encyclopaedia
  • Developing a Database and GUI for organising routes to customers with integrated billing and reminding system
All of the above is offered based on Service Level Agreements that are tailored for your individual needs.