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Kyocera Document Solutions Europe B.V.

Since 03/2018 I have taken over responsibilities as a Services Governance and Compliance Manager in the Service Development Center.

Main tasks were developing Service Level Agreements for various Services offered by Kyocera Document Solutions to their international partners.

As a part of the Service design, the processes that define the heart of the services have been developed, designed and documented for both internal and external usage.
All Services have been implemented using ITIL.

Kyocera Document Solutions Europe B.V.

Since 07/2012 I am Manager Software Quality at the Customer Services and Support Division.
The previous task from Kyocera Mita Europe B.V. have been completely transferred to my new position and additional tasks and responsibilities have been assigned.

The new tasks are mainly in the management area of team members. The responsibilities now cover both technical and disiplinary tasks.

Kyocera Mita Europe B.V.

Since 12/2006 I am Assistant Manager Software Quality Assurance at the European Software and Development Center (ESDC).
The tasks for KTDE have been transferred to my new position and additional tasks have been assigned.

The major additional tasks are as follows:

  • Management
    • Team Management
    • Project Management
    • Strategic Planning
    • Budget Planning
    • ...

Kyocera Technology Development Europe GmbH, Meerbusch (KTDE)

since 2003 I have the responsibility for planning and realizing several projects. Amongst others, those are:

  • Software engineering
    • Planning and writing a benchmarking suite for Laser Printers and Multifunctionals (Copier, Scanner, Fax ...)
    • Planning and realizing a Test Suite for Laser Printers (check quality of printouts)
    • Planning and implementing a SNMP query tool for reading printer information
    • ...
  • Technical Documentation and Trainings
    • Writing user manuals for KYOcount and other software products (English/German versions)
    • Planning and realizing trainings on several software products for trainers (train the trainer)
    • Planning and holding trainings for new employees in the Quality Assurance department (Hardware and Software)
    • ...
    Trainings were hold in German and English.

Get Information Technology GmbH, Grevenbroich

2002-2003 I planned and realized several projects. Those were:

  • Network administration
    • Planning and realization of the local heterogeneous network.
    • Setting up and administration of the SuSE Email Server 3.1
    • Setting up a CVS based version control system for their internal engineers
    • ...
  • Software engineering
    • Integrating Microsoft Project into the GET Caesar IT-Controlling and Project Planning Software using the Component Object Model.
    • Performance Analysis and Optimization for a Java Application.
    • ...
  • Technical Documentation
    • Writing a user manual for a software product (English/German versions)
    • Planning and installing a local Knowledge Database system for engineering
    • ...
  • Product development
    • Developing new products and product ideas for the GET IT portfolio.

Aachener Beschäftigungsinitiative AG, Aachen

2002 I planned, realized and held special trainings for former ELSA workers. The special trainings were optimized for workers with high technical skills. Trainings were held for:
  • C Programming language
  • Basic concepts of networking, using TCP/IP
  • Basics for preparing and holding speeches and technical presentations
ELSA AG, Aachen

Between 2000 - 2002 I was a Software Engineer for ELSA AG - Research and Technology Department.
During this period I was mainly responsible for:
  • Designing and developing applications for Microsoft Windows using MFC and the Component Object Model
  • Designing and developing kernel mode device drivers for Windows NT/2000
  • Designing and developing an embedded Bluetooth based car-handsfree for Bluetooth mobile phones (ELSA vianect handsfree)
  • Designing and developing production testsoftware
  • Prototype development of a Call-Centre-Headset and Call-Centre-BaseSation based on Bluetooth technology using the Casira Development Kit.
From 1997-2000 I was a member of the software engineering team of ELSA AG
During this time I was responsible for:
  • Planning, realizing and maintaining the display driver setup for Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and Microsoft 2000 high-end display drivers.
  • Programming drivers for graphic boards, consisting of miniport and display drivers, for several versions of Microsoft Windows NT/2000, using C programming language and x86 Assembler.
  • Programming the above drivers for:
    • S3 Virge
      e.g. ELSA Winner 2000pro
    • 3DLabs GLint, Permedia
      e.g. ELSA Gloria XL, ELSA Gloria Synergy
    • nVidia TNT, TNT2, GeForce and Quadro
      e.g. ELSA Synergy II, ELSA Gloria II
    based adapters.
Interactive Multimedia, Dortmund

During 1996/1997 I was responsible for designing and developing a multimedia encyclopaedia browser prototype based on the Microsoft Multimedia Viewer and the MediaView Toolkit 1.4.1.(proof of concept) and presented this in conjunction with a city-online System at the CeBIT 1997 on the Dr. Materna Booth.